Sunday, May 5, 2013

A different kind of shiny...

Nic and I have been working at a kindergarten for the past two months.
It's been... an adventure of sorts. The kids are really cute. Ridiculously cute. And equally disgusting. Before this experience I had never had a kid with a WHOLE ENTIRE FACE covered in snot come up to me with the expectation of me to clean it. Yuck. Half hour classes are filled with children poking me and chanting, "Don't do that!" (Sometimes, I'm convinced it's the only phrase they actually learned.)
Anyway, the reason I mentioned the job is that the major downside of it has been that Nic and I have NO FREE TIME. 
But here's some scary (but exciting YAAAAAAY amazing) news: 55 days till our wedding!!!
In order to look and feel our best for the wedding, we decided that we would wake up early for the next 30 days and do a 30 day workout challenge. Actually, I decided it and Nic decided to be the great, supportive fiance and do it with me.
That's what I mean when I say "a different kind of shiny"....
For the next 27 days, I'm gonna try to update our workout challenge. Not because it's terribly interesting, but because the expectation of writing it down where the public can see it might make it more likely for us to complete the challenge.

Day one: We did yogilates together. Honestly, I found the whole hour to be incredibly boring (I like hot yoga because it takes a lot of concentration and it feels like the biggest butt-kicking yoga workout ever)-- but I don't think it was useless. It was a nice, calm way to start our 30 day.

Day two: Muay Thai. So much fun!!! Nic ended up beating me up a lot better than I beat him up, but it was a fun way to de-stress.

Day three: Rest. Hahaha, I know... already? But Nic and I decided to fill our next 4 Sundays with photography classes. Be prepared for lots of photos in the upcoming months as we figure out our cameras!

So that's it so far.

Here's what Nic has to say on his more-busy month of May lifestlye:

Ow. My brain hurts. Lot's of work and lots of working out... it's going to be busy. Like Deb said we don't have much free time and what little we do we're usually pretty grumpy. So we filled the grumpy times with exercise!

Hopefully this works out pretty well for us. I'm confident that we'll get everything done in time. Deb and I decided to visit California while we're waiting for the wedding. Speaking of which, we got our original wedding photos done and delivered (along with a HUGE portrait of us) and that's super spiffy. One was included in this post. 

Wish us luck on this, our last month as single/ living togethers in Korea!


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